4 Best Beaches For Holiday

For ideas in spending your free time, here are some best beaches for holiday you can visit.

Naxos Greece Tourism Cyclades Town Naxos Town
  1. Naxos

Located  in Greece, Naxos becomes the top recommended place to visit. It has beautiful sandy beaches with its unique inhabitant. Here, you can meet the gamut, which is included in the frolickers Agios Prokopios in the west. On the south, you can enjoy horse riding over the dramatic dunes, Plaka. For other option, there is also other choices, which requires more adrenaline and brave mental, it is the kite board ride on the brave powerful wind. After enjoying any kinds of activities, you can rest your body while enjoying the local citron liqueur and homemade wine.

  1. Seychelles

For beach lovers, Seychelles will definitely a paradise. The Indian Ocean on this place gives sweeping white beaches completed with its diverse wildlife and blue waters. Beside for travelers who want to enjoy the beauty of the beaches, this place also offers many romantic views. As it also has refreshing air, many tourists often come here to enjoy their honeymoon. One of the most favorite places to stay is in the thatched tree houses, which are suspended on a hillside between the ocean and the forest.

Here, you can also meet the rare magpie robins and the aldabra giant tortoise. For more, there is also Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, which is included in the World Heritage Site. If you are interested to visit it, then staying in the Raffles Praslin hotel will be a good choice, as you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view surrounding it.

  1. Cornwall

For the best beach to visit during the sun shining time, Cornish coast will be the number one tovisitit has long sandy beaches with boisterous waves, which makes it perfect beaches for surfing. Evenso,it has low tide, which reveals its natural rock pools for you to swim. For the culinary, you can enjoy the excellent seafood in Padstow and Penzance. For more, you can also explore the unique artists’ studios along the street while having fresh crab caught on the seafront. For you who loved fishing so much, you can also visit Mousehole. This historic fishing village already retained its rugged authenticity. It always draw many people’s attention, moreover for them who likes to catch some fish.

  1. Yucatan Peninsula

Located on Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula offers you with beautiful beaches with its postcard blue Caribbean. Especially on July, you can enjoy the annual Whale Shark Festival in Isla Mujeres. On this festival, there are hundreds of shark gather on the offshore. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness about conservation. Meanwhile, this event also allows some swimmers to go in the water together with the giants, which are of course in sustainable manner. Besides that, you can also head down to Isla Holbox (Tulum). Here the day will be started with sun salutations and will be ended with a candlelit dinners. This is the last beach, which is included on our recommendation for best beaches for holiday.

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