Best Holiday Ideas: A Romantic Trip

If you are interested to have the most romantic vacation, it will be better if you try to get to do some research of the desired destination first. Maybe you can look up for the romantic place in Europe, since it is rich of culture, history as well as hot spots for romance. Here are a few recommended place that you might want to visit with your loved ones:

Best Holiday Ideas A Romantic Trip

  1. Venice, Italy

Known as the city of Casanova, Venice is the perfect place for lovers. Once you step into this city, you will undoubtedly understand by heart, for Venice is really beautiful. Being the capital of northern Italy, many people come to visit this city for its easy access. Located in Veneto region, it is surrounded by more over one hundreds islands surrounded by a lagoon within the area of Adriatic Sea. Because of this, Venice is a very unique place; it does not have any roads. If you want to travel all around the city, you can only use water transportation, since there are only canals available; one of the mightiest is called Grand Canal. The other lines up are places thick with Renaissance and Gothic accents, where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama endlessly. You can also visit the central square, Piazza San Marco, just where St. Mark’s Basilica lies.

If you are going out for the most romantic vacation, you and your lover absolutely have to try feeding pigeons there. All around St. Mark’s Square, you will find many white pigeons—the symbols of true and everlasting love—something that will make your date extraordinary. There are photo ops too, so you can immortalize the moment with your other half. In addition, gelato is always the best dessert you ought to try with your lover. You can buy a few scoops and bring it as you go sightseeing in Venice, or even try out the gondola ride, just when the sun sets and the glittery stars cover up the entire sky, a beautiful canal view is spread out below you. Romantic, isn’t it?

  1. Vienna, Austria
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Many people admit that Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is probably the most romantic place in Europe. Known as a city of arts and intellectual legacy, Vienna is the origins of the most stunning musicians and romanticists, such as Beethoven, Mozart and Sigmund Freud. In addition, there are many mesmerizing landmarks that speak of its royal blood, such as the Schönbrunn and other Imperial Palaces. Various contemporary as well as historical buildings are established to show off the work of popular artists, from Gustav Klimt to Egon Schiele. In short, it is very satisfying for art enthusiasts as well as lovebirds.

There, you can do many things—such as taking a ride to the main boulevard, Ringstraße, or what is known by the Vienna Ring Road. There, you can walk hand in hand while enjoying the beauty of the neo-Gothic city hall, museums—those of neo-Renaissance buildings and ask your partner to the famous Vienna Theater. Take your time to stroll around and admire the nature, simply being one with your lover and the surrounding—one tip, if you come during Spring, you can even drink the sight of colorful flowers on its full bloom.  After you experience the grandeur of Vienna architecture and opera, you should try out riding Vienna’s giant Ferris wheel at Prater, gazing closely into the breathtaking scenery of Austria’s capital. Once you have enough, you can crash into Steirereck restaurant, a precise place to complete your list of the most romantic vacation. Received an award and two Michelin stars, this restaurant offers you the most delicious Austrian cuisine. Not only that, you can also try out wine there, as they have more over 35,000 bottles, stored safely inside the wine cellar for the best quality.

  1. Paris, France
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When it comes to the most romantic place in Europe, of course you should not miss the city of love itself. Lined up throughout the road, you will be greeted by fancy cafes and luxurious bars, all are presented for you, the socialites. What makes Paris so painstakingly beautiful is that, the city is the true definition of modernity and nature served in one plate. Surrounded by trees, you can find many pigeons and other birds during day lights, beautifying those grandeur buildings, from Baroque palaces, Art Nouveau, to Gothic cathedrals.  Once you step on this place, you will see that love is in the air, in which many secret gardens are scattered all around the city

If it is not enough to convince you that you can earn the most romantic vacation here, in Paris, you definitely have to visit Le Mur Des Je T’Aime, or what is known as the Wall of Love. Located in the garden square named Montmartre’s petit Jehan Rictus, many lovers come all across the world to bask in its divinity. It attracts many visitors because of its unique architecture, in which there are many beautiful murals there, written in 250 different languages and dialects and languages, all about I love you. Isn’t it very romantic?

After that, you should definitely take your lover to have a picnic at Luxembourg Palace. Built in a unique and artistic architecture, it brings up one of Saint-Germain-des-Presand. There, you will be able to witness the truest embodiment of French literature, in which many trees are lined; all come from various kinds, such as roses, flowerbeds, orchids, until fruit trees like orange, apple orchards and pear. Here, you can witness the place where Les Miserables is taken. Go floor the mat on the ground, you can relax your mind while enjoying the quality time with your loved ones, facing the Medici Fountain, which is built with grotto-style. Once the sun almost sets down, you better hurry up and try out a package of sunset cruise along the Seine. During the golden hour, your eyes will be spoiled by the magnificent nature, how the golden sunrays come through, shining over Eiffel Tower, as well as Notre-Dame Cathedral. One tip, there is a local belief if you both are kissing under Pont-Marie bridge; your love will be everlasting.

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