Cool Ice Hotels in the World

What will people look for from the hotel? When traveling, people surely need to find a place to spend the night and hotel usually becomes the chosen place. Nevertheless, people usually are looking for hotel which can provide them with comfort and warmth. It is important to feel comfortable and warm especially when they are far from their home. There are so many hotels which people can choose in the world but it is pretty strange that actually people can also choose the hotel made from ice. It will not give people the common hotel experience for sure but this is exactly thing which they are looking for. Here are the ice hotels in the world which can be considered.

Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen in Finland


Jukkasjäroi Ice Hotel in Sweden

If people are looking for the pioneer of ice hotel, this ice hotel must be the answer. It is not only the first ice hotel but also the largest one. The location of the hotel is 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. That is why winter can be very harsh in this place but still there are many people who stay for seeing the Northern Lights. Ice can be found for making everything in the hotel room from the bed to bar. If people want to find the heated area, they have to go to the bathroom. The hotel can only be accessed from December to mid April. It will melt when spring comes because the hotel is completely made from ice and snow.

Hotel de Glace in Canada

Not far from Quebec, people can find the hotel which is built in luxury. However, the hotel is not the common hotel because Hotel de Glace is our next ice hotel. The design and building is one every year in weeks only. There are some facilities provided in the hotel including ice slide with giant size and wedding chapel. All are made of ice. This place can be considered by people who want to hold winter wedding with unusual venue.

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Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen in Finland

People love to see Aurora when they are near to the Arctic Circle but it can be hard experience in the middle of freezing air. This experience can be made better by staying at this Arctic resort. The resort offers people with igloo as room but they do not have to worry because the igloo is warm. It also comes with glass roof which allows the guests to watch the beautiful view of Aurora right from their bed.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Norway

Igloo becomes a huge inspiration for various ice hotels in the world including Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel which is located in Alta, Norway. Even though people are staying in the freezing room made from ice, they can keep their body warm because the hotel provides them with thermal sleeping bag, sauna, and also reindeer blankets. Staying in the igloo room is not the only thing people can do because there are some activities organized by the hotel including husky sledding, safaris with snow mobile, and also seeing the Northern Lights.

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