How to Travel to Zurich Cheap for Longer Stay

How to travel to Zurich cheap is not just a dream today. It is true that Zurich becomes one of the most expensive cities in the world but you are still able to travel there in a budget.

Visit cities destination using public transportation

Using public transportation in some Switzerland cities will help you to save more money and it will allow you to stay longer when travelling here. Several cities including Bern, Lucerne, and Geneva even provide local transport which can be used for free. The tickets that can be used during your stay even have been provided by the accommodation. These days, there are even more cities that follow the free public transport concept. Hence, make sure to meet the receptionist for free tickets when you arrive in the city.

Rent a bike for close destination

There many cities in Switzerland which offers free bike for people such as Bern, Geneva, and Zug. Fortunately, in Zurich you also can grab a bike for free so that you can enjoy moving around this city without being haunted by how expensive the transportation fee is. Some of the cities might offer free bike for few hours while the others provide them for a whole day. Hence, you have to equip yourself with abundance information before visiting Zurich in order to enjoy free treat like bike. Free bike should become you consideration if you want to enjoy trip in a budget since it is much cheaper than using public transportation in the city.

Take benefit of friend connection

One of the best ways on how to travel to Zurich cheap is by staying with your friend. This actually eases the pressure of your wallet. If you stay in your friend house in the city, it will help you to save around 30 to 40 CHF. Besides, Zurich is quite small. Hence, you will be able to visit every corner of the city. If you don’t have any local friend, you can try to contact Couchsurfing. It can be simpler than you might think and soon you will be able to get along with the locals.

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Sleeping on a straw

It is something true when you visit Swiss. Make sure you are not allergic to straw and you will enjoy an extraordinary night in this city. This can be great idea for who like to adventure or travel and always bring a sleeping bag during the travelling. Move aside from the city and enjoy the night above the cows. It just cost from 25 to 35 for each person which is much cheaper compared when you are staying in the hostel. This commonly has been included with breakfast.

Grab free snacks

Everything free in Zurich is worthy. Find any famer market in this city, and occasionally you are able to get free snacks. Although meals are available with price, most likely you can taste various free crackers, cookies, cheese, and bread. This actually can help to curb your cravings in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Some chocolate factories in the city also provide sample for free but you need to pay for the entrance. However, this can be your trick how to travel to Zurich cheap.

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