Is It Safe to Travel to Israel after American Embassy Open

Is it safe to travel to Israel especially after Donald Trump moved the American embassy to Jerusalem? There are some important things that should become considerations before travelling into Israel.


Put security in the first consideration

Israel is not only renowned for its religious destinations but also winter sun spot. It is no surprising if many people around the world travel there. However, Trump’s statement becomes controversial because Jerusalem both claimed by Palestinian and Israel. Palestinians perceive this as international law violation.

Following those statement, large mass of demonstration occurred in the West Bank such as Bethlehem and Ramallah. Some masses were also seen in old city of Jerusalem. These protests might still continue so tourist should avoid those places for potential violent risk. However, Foreign Office announces that the conflict situation between Israel and Palestine can change fast and unpredictable. Hence tourist should be cautious and keep up with the current information through local media as well as travel reports.

Tensions might rise among Jewish especially during holiday like Yom Kippur and Friday prayers. Foreign Office also remind tourist that civil will not rest during those mentioned times and conflict can happen only in short time.

Public transportation in Jerusalem is not safe as well because violent is often occurred there. So, make sure you avoid taking buses if you want to travel everywhere. When you choose to use train, you have to stay aware when waiting in the station. The same awareness need to be showed when you use public transport in Tel Aviv. Conflict between Israel and Gaza caused many rocket fires which make people start to question is it safe to travel to Israel? To make sure you are in safety condition, you should familiar with necessary actions when warning sign are on. This place also has high potency of terrorism. Hence, Foreign Office suggests avoiding all travel to Gaza as well as other places that border on Syria and Lebanon.

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Tourist requirements to visit Israel

Israeli government released a law about foreign nationals in 2017. It means that they can any tourist from nationalities that have been boycotted by Israel can be denied when they want to enter. The same way happen to people from countries which receive boycott from endorsed government. British tourists with Palestinian origin have to show either their Palestinian passport or travel document so that they are able to leave. Besides, British tourist with Palestinian name or place of birth without Palestinian ID number might get an entry problem. However, tourists with prior British nationality of Palestinian origin or British tourists who married to Palestinians are not allowed to enter the country.

Children who have Israeli father or mother automatically have Israeli nationality so that they have to enter and leave the country using Israeli passport. Israeli security officials might conduct personal questioning as well as baggage checks quite long so that you have to expect that during departure and arrival in the airport. They also might ask about your personal email or social media account to make sure is it safe to travel to Israel?

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