Santa’s Magic: Family Fun Time During Christmas

As the year almost comes to an end, it is a given for you to start making a Christmas holiday plan. Of course nothing is better than spending time with the people you hold dear. It can be spent with your lover, friends, or even family. However, setting up a plan for New Year family trips can be quite tricky, because each family member might have different wishes. Here are a few of Christmas travel ideas that you might take into consideration!

Santa’s Magic: Family Fun Time during Christmas

  1. Nuremberg Christmas Market, Germany

Have you ever heard of the Nuremberg Christmas market? Attracting more than 2 million visitors each year, this place becomes one of the hot places in Germany the past decade. In Nuremberg Christmas Market, people are selling many traditional toys—handmade by the locals along with other trademark goods. There, you will be invited go back to the past and reminiscence about your childhood as you can try out many rides, such as a huge Ferris wheel—made of wooden, a steam rain as well as antique carousels. That does not stop there, the highlight of the Christmas eve would be the local musicians busking along the street, lightening up the cold winter night.

There, you can also make a wish under a giant Christmas tree, looking all dazzling and sparkling. Not only that, if you come with your children, you can take them to the Toy Museum as well as German Railway Museum. As for the parents, you can try out the well-known Nuremberg spicy gingerbread as well as mulled wine during the New Year family trips.  In addition, your eyes will be spoiled as there will be so many beautiful stall, displayed artistically along the rows. With the warm Quebec bustles around, this place becomes one of the best picks you can get, especially for those who crave for environmental friendly and outdoor activities.

  1. Yule Christmas Market, Iceland
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If you are looking for a great Christmas holiday plan, then definitely you should not miss this place. Besides the amazing northern lights that will light up the atmosphere, you will also be accompanied by 13 Santas – called “Yuletide Lads”. It is said that they will guide good children and give them presents, especially 13 nights before Christmas. In this town, you will find Yule Christmas Market, just by the downtown of Reykjavik, right on its square town. In this place, travelers can choose varieties of beautiful Christmas gifts, as well as treats and the decorations.

What is really unique about this market is that, each day, there will be a new, different stall since the craftsmen are rotated. This means, you will be able to find many traditional goods every single day, ones that you cannot witness before. The atmosphere is very festive, since many townspeople will come over and gather to make this festival very merry. You can even build snowman and play snowballs along with your family and friends!

  1. Grand Canyon Railway and Orlando, USA

When it comes to Christmas travel ideas, you should definitely visit Grand Canyon Railway. There, you can believe in the Christmas miracle, especially for parents who still have toddlers. This place will provide your children more room to explore, in which they are given children’s books as well as well-known holiday movies. What is extremely good about Grand Canyon Railway is that they try to bring up The Polar Express as the theme, where the trains are present to build the magical Polar Express. In addition, your children will be taken care of, as the staffs offer cups of hot cocoa and milk as well as gatherings with Santa.

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However, if your family does not really fancy that kind of activities, you can also celebrate Christmas in Orlando. There, you can go to Disney World as well as Universal Orlando Resort, enjoying the Mickey’s Christmas party held every year. It becomes one of the most wanted destinations that a tourist can have because you can inhale the fresh air on the decks and halls with an atmosphere of winter land. Not only that, you can also visit many famous theme parks in Orlando, since they are scattered all around.

  1. Disney Cruise Line, Carribean

You are tired of the common New Year family trips? You can always opt for the extraordinary: Disney Cruise Line! Provided by Kent Phillips, this Merry Time on Cruises has gained its popularity in the last decade. Start from November through early January, the ship will offer you the best time of the year during winter, in which you will be brought sailing to the Caribbean and Bahamas! That does not just stop there, this itinerary also consists of an onboard experience to Castaway Cay. On the ship, families will continuously get surprises, since they provide various special events with the best quality of entertainment. If you are a food expert, your taste buds will dance happily too, for they have all good food and beverages. Range from three to seven nights, isn’t this cruise line plan worth of your holiday?

  1. Smugglers’ Notch Canada

Well-known for its kid-friendly environment, Smugglers’ Notch has earned a special position in people’s heart! Reviewed as a five-star place to create memorable moments together, this resort in Northern Vermont provides you many kinds of unique and entertaining holiday activities throughout December. This is suitable for families consisting of many range of age, because the itineraries include workshops for craftsmen as well as cooking decorating. Besides that, you can have a productive holiday, where you can learn how to make sock puppet and snow art, challenging the family to sport out its best capabilities in its Christmas holiday plan! Taken place in a village, you will be amazed by its beautiful nature as there will also be bonfire along with cookies and hot cocoa. In addition, the activities featured include a Winter Carnival with a parade of torch lights and firework show, the right place where you can enjoy good food and music while playing games all along!

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