Summer Beach Holidays to Consider in the World

Summer is identical with activities which can cool down people’s heart and mind. Activities in the water are chosen a lot by many people and of course beach is chosen by many people as place to go for beating the heat of summer. There are several beach holidays destination which are very popular among travelers all around the world such as Greece and Spain. Of course it means that they have to spend a lot of money for the trip to those places. There is no need to worry because they can find alternative beach holiday destinations which can bring them the best summer trip ever.

Summer Beach Holidays to Consider in the World

Iki Island in Japan

Japan maybe becomes one of the most popular travel destinations in the world but travelers usually visit this place not for its beach. In fact, Japan actually has some beaches which can be considered as the most beautiful one in the world. The beaches which can be found on Iki Island surely will make people amazed. Accessing the island can be done easily from Nagasaki and people will find the beaches with unique views. The beaches are decorated with rock formations which are beautiful and weird at the same time. They can find saruiwathat means Monkey Rock. The rock formation which looks like sitting monkey can be found on the western side of the island.

Gili Islands in Indonesia

Indonesia has Bali as super popular beach holiday destination but people surely want to find something else which can offer more. Not far from Bali, there are three Gili Islands which can their alternative beach holiday destinations. It is super easy to access the Gili Islands from Lombok mainland or even Bali. However, people can get the remote feel easily in this place because there are no cars in the islands. This is the place where people can find beautiful beaches everywhere. The accommodation is pretty cheap as well.

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Cayo Costa State Park in the USA

Florida might be the famous beach holiday destination in the USA but people can get tired easily with the crowd not only on the sand but also on the water. Instead of draining their energy in the crowded beach, people can consider enjoying the beach at Cayo Costa State Park, Fort Myers. This can be great alternative since accessing the island can be done easily by boat. They will not take the short boat trip but once they arrived at the island, they will be free to enjoy exploring wildlife, hiking through the forest, and staying overnight at the cabins along with beautiful beach views and activities.

Ayvalik in Turkey

Many people choose to visit Bodrum for enjoying beach holiday but of course it means that they have to deal with the crowd in the summer. That is why they should go to Ayvalik where they can find some of the best beaches in Turkey with lesser crowds. The crystal clear and shallow water will make it great destination for family beach holiday destination. More importantly, visiting this place will also cost less even in the summer.

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