The Best Hotel in Europe to Complete Your Holiday

The best hotel in Europe recommendation is definitely needed, especially for you who are planning to have a vacation there. This article categorizes the hotels below as small family hotels which are located in places with breathtaking landscapes. These hotels are spread in several European countries that often become tourist destinations, which are Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and Portuguese.

The Best Hotel in Europe to Complete Your Holiday

These hotels in Europe promise you a holiday atmosphere which is friendly to your kids and you as the parents will not feel like being a baby daycare during your holiday. Here are the recommendations.

Casa Tomaren

This place is located in Lanzarote, Canary Island, Spain. Casa Tomaren has 8 villas which are surrounding the park with a pool. This place is also completed with a cafe and auditorium. There are some objects which are able to attract your kids’ attention such as a statue of Buddha and cats that are wandering around in the villa area. Casa Tomaren is near with Timanfaya National Park, beautiful beaches in Spain, and seawater swimming pool. So that you do not have to be worried about spending your times on the road with your kids to get tourist attractions in Spain.

Ekies All Senses Resort

This resort is believed as one of the best places to not only stay but also release stress when you are traveling to Greece. Ekies All Senses Resort is located in Chalkidiki, Greece. It is on the mainland so that you do not need to take any additional transportation such as a boat to reach this place. In fact, this resort is only 80 minutes away from Tesalonika. The facilities provided by Ekies All Senses Resort is quite complete. It has a swimming pool with a bar beside it, spa in an open-air, tree houses, and also hammocks.

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Les Orangeries Hotel

The next great hotel in Europe is Les Orangeries Hotel that is located in Poitiers, France. Not really far from Poitiers, this hotel offers you a solution to get relaxed with its rural style. This is also the reason why Les Orangeries Hotel is also suitable for a family vacation. Its restaurant offers perfect taste French foods with the meal times are very tolerant to the wishes of its visitors. The owner will bring the visitors on a tour to a vegetable garden. Moreover, kids are allowed to pick vegetables and fruits to eat. It is a perfect place to stay and also give your kids an education during your holiday, isn’t it?

Casa Vicentina

Casa Vicentina is located in Algarve, Portuguese. This hotel is near Odeceixe beach so that you do not have to take a long time to go to a beautiful beach in Portuguese. Casa Vicentina is built from materials which are friendly with nature. Or in other words, this hotel is eco-green. This place is really suitable for you who really care about nature. The villa is in a protected area next to a natural lake. The swimming pool is directly beside the natural lake which is completed with children’s playground. A perfect place to stay with your kids, right?

Fairy Chimney Inn

If you bring your kids during your vacation in Turkey, they will surely love this place. Your kids who love fairytale stories will love to be here because the atmospheres and views in Fairy Chimney Inn are similar with the ones in fairytale stories. This hotel is carved with natural stones with a beautiful interior design. Being here will make you feel like at home. All rooms in Fairy Chimney Inn has a balcony that shows you an outstanding view of nature. This pretty hotel is located in Cappadocia, Turkey.

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Casa San Gabriel

The next comfy hotel is from Umbria, Italy. Located in a hilltop, this place has an agriculture nuance. Casa San Gabriel is only 25 minutes away from Perugia Airport. In this hotel, the visitors will be able to enjoy a wine which is originally made by the hotel manufacturer, olive oil, and also homemade pizza. Water activities or activities in a wild nature near this hotel can be a fun choice to spend your holiday in Italy.

Youth Hostel

For you who look for a budget hotel in West Europe, Youth Hostel can be your alternative. Youth Hostel is spread in several countries in West Europe such as Belgium, Germany, Spain, and France. Besides its price is affordable, its location is usually in the center of the city. Youth Hostel is also near various tourist attractions. A kitchen is provided so that you are able to cook meals yourself if you want to save more money. What you need to know is that Youth Hostel has its own terms in each country. For example, in French is Auberge de Jeunesse. This is the last of the best hotel in Europe.

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