The Most Extreme Tourism Spots in the World

For adrenaline junkies, the best way to spend their holidays is by visiting extreme tourism spots and try extreme activities there. For you adrenaline junkies who want to visit the most extreme tourist attractions in the world, here are some recommendations.

The Most Extreme Tourism Spots in the World


Thor Mountain

Thor Mountain is located in Canada, and it is a popular destination for extreme mountain climbers. Many people think that Thor Mountain is only in superhero movies which tells stories about the kid of Odin. But this granite mountain is really there in Canada. Through its sturdy cliffs, the climbers will feel as if they come into the world of the God of thunder.

Even though the height of Thor Mountain is only 1.676 meters and not included in the highest peak on earth, Thor Mountain has the most steep peak in the world. The slope angle is about 105 degrees. So that climbing this mountain is the most extreme activity.

Angels Falls

Angels Falls is the highest waterfall on earth with its height is about 980 meters. This waterfall is located in Rio Caroni, Canaima National Park, Venezuela. The location is quite hard to access, so that to reach this place is already an extreme activity. Tourists have to take a flight from Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar in order to reach Canaima Camp. From Canaima, they need to be down the rivers with canoe for at least 3 days. Extreme, right?

But even though Angels Falls and the way to reach it is very extreme, but this one of extreme tourism spots still attracts tourists from around the world. Because the rivers that the tourists through which are Carrao, Churun, and Gauja river offer breathtaking views.

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This extreme tourist attraction has the most white sharks population in the world. So that Gansbaai becomes popular destination to get close with that wild animals. Located in South Africa, Gansbaai offers tourists to try cage diving. The tourists will be able to dive into the ocean inside a cage as protection, and they will be able to see white sharks closely. Are you interested to do this extreme holiday?

Kjerag Cliff

There are a lot of activities can be done in this extreme tourism spot. Kjerag Cliff is one of mountains in Norway. This place is popular as a place for pumping adrenaline. One of the most pumping adrenaline activities is cliff base jumping. Cliff base jumping is a jumping activity with specific clothes. Besides cliff base jumping, there are other extreme activities, such as rock climbing. For you who want to climb Kjerag Cliff, make sure you have extra preparations.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk is an extreme place located in United States of America. The visitors can feel the sensation of walking above the sky on the glass bridge. This place also offers you outstanding views. But because the height of this place is quite extreme, for you who are afraid of height need to be careful if you want to visit this place.

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