The Most Spectacular Camping Spots in the World

Camping might not be for everyone but we can make sure that everyone can enjoy camping as long as they choose the right spot. There are so many places in the world which can be chosen for camping but for enjoying the best travel experience, here are some of the most spectacular camping spots people must not miss in the world.

The Most Spectacular Camping Spots in the World

National Parks in Alaska

There is no doubt that Alaska can really offer people with many options of great place which can be use for camping. Alaska is surely a great place for enjoying the fresh and crisp air. People can choose to set up their camp among mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls which can provide them with superb views. There are various activities which can be done while camping as well such as hiking, fishing, or even kayaking to enjoy the beautiful views. They must keep an eye out for the natural habitants of the national parks as well. It must be great for watching caribou in the wild. If they are lucky, they even can witness the dance of Orca whales.

Bryce Canyon in USA

Camping actually becomes activity which has been done by people from many years ago. The local tribes surely are familiar with camping. People cannot forget about the teepee shelter after all. It is kind of traditional camp of Indians. Although it sounds simple for modern camping activities, we can make sure that it will be a great experience when people set it up in Bryce Canyon, USA. This place can offer people with the relaxation effect of the pine scent. The combination of views between the giant formations of jagged rock and the blue sky will make people forget about the problem in their life at least for a while. Bryce Canyon is also the home for various animals from the Utah prairie dog to the black bear.

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Wadi Rum in Jordan

Nomads in the desert surely are familiar with camping and the greatest campsite for them must be near to the water source. People can imagine that they are part of nomads when camping in Wadi Rum, Jordan after all. This is the place where people have to deal with the heat of course but at the same time, they will find a great enjoyment of watching the starry sky. This must be a great experience which people do not want to miss because they will not clap and dance around the fire with Arabic music as the background often.

Steppes in Mongolia

Mongolia surely has wide steppes which sound hard to enjoy the camping. In fact, this is actually the right place for setting up the camp especially for them who are also looking for the homely adventure. For years, Mongolians are exploring the steppes for herding their cattle and they make their camp as their home. People can also enjoy the same experience in the tent with circular shapes and on the comfort of the beautifully patterned thick carpets. This must be a perfect getaway camp.

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