Top 3 Best Holiday Destination For July

If you are looking for best holiday destination for July, here are some of the most recommended places to visit.

  • Corsica and Sardinia
Top 3 Best Holiday Destination For July
Travel Waters Corsica Coast Sardinia Sea Nature

If you want to enjoy lovely heat f the summer on July, you can have these Mediterranean islands as your destination. On that time, both of themhave11 hours of sun a day, more or less. In the French Corsica island, you will be able to enjoy the overlooking rugged coast. Besides that, there are also windsurfer’s paradise located in Bonifacio as well as a beautiful sandy beaches located not far from Porto Vecchio.

All the sight f them can be enjoyed through many five star hotels provided. However, if you prefer to escape the crowd, you can also rent a house on the beach. The fringed Domaine de Murtoli Estate will be a good choice to take. For a tip when visiting Corsica and Sardinia, you can start with heading to La Maddalena. It is a wild yet protected archipelago with the outstanding beaches. Here, you can also have breathtaking view of the sandy coves completed with some kinds of turquoises.

  • Mozambique
Top 3 Best Holiday Destination For July
Niassa Sea Lake Mozambique Seascape Ocean Beach

After recovering from the civil war, now you can see this place in such a blissful tropical weather. The best time to proof it is indeed  on July. On this place, you can explore the Africa’s Lost Eden, the Gorongosa National Park. Here, the Explorer’s camp offers safari experience in traditional taste.

After having enough experience from the safari, you can continue to the north and visit the Nacala Coast, Stone Town, as well as Nuarro. These places hold true historical evidence from the centuries of trade and empire. You can witness it by yourself from the architectures and the crumbling artifacts scattered all around the coastline.

Meanwhile, on the offshore you cn enjoy the beautiful Bazaruto archipelago. It has brilliant white beaches with not too many crowds. A service of spa is also offered in the 12 huts at And Beyond’s Bengeuera Lodge as well as the Anantara Bazaruto Isand Resort and Spa.

  • Newfoundland
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Top 3 Best Holiday Destination For July
Harbour Newfoundland Downtown St John’s

For the last one, you can also spend your holiday in Newfoundland. In this place, you will not find too hot atmosphere on July. On average, the air will be only about 18C, which makes things feel more pleasant. As it is located in Canada, Newfoundland also starts its balmiest season at the beginning of July. Here, you can let yourself enjoy the gourmet specialties such as spruce tips and lovage. For other option, you can also learn the global art for example cod jigging from the hardy fisherman thee.

For the culinary, you can taste the foraged menu, Acadian sturgeon (seabuckthorn). It is the one which has been hailed as the best in the nation. For more unique experience, you can also taste the local boil up in the beach. This menu consists of mussels and sea urchin, which are plucked freshly from the rock pools.

Those are all the choices for best holiday destination for July, which we hope can suit your target destination to spend your time.

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