Tourist Spots in South Korea for Culinary Lovers

Tourist spots in South Korea are a lot. From the romantic ones, adventurous ones, natural ones, and many more. There are also many tourist spots in this country that must be visited for culinary lovers. Check these recommendations if you want to taste the original Korean food tastes.

Tourist Spots in South Korea for Culinary Lovers

Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market is the oldest market in South Korea. It has been operating since 1905 until today. Located in Seoul, Gwangjang Market is the rightest place for you who want to taste the Korean traditional street foods. In this tourist spot, you are also able to learn about Korean cultures. So that Gwangjang Market is very suitable for you who love to eat and drink.


The next attractive place in South Korea which must be visited by culinary lovers is Busan. Busan is a city which is rich in seafood. This is the best place for you who are seafood lovers. If you visit Busan when you travel to South Korea, do not forget to eat steamed clams, one of the typical Korean seafood. The taste will surely not disappoint you.


This hangout place is already famous and popular among young adults. The romantic and underground atmosphere blends very well in this place. Hongdae has various cafes and restaurants that have unique concepts, bars, live music, and also clubs. One of the unique cafes in Hongdae is Toms Cat Cafe. In this cafe, you will be accompanied by dozens of cats while enjoying your coffee and meals. A perfect for you who are cats and culinary lovers.

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Itaewon is known as a place where a lot of foreign people stay. So that when you visit this place in South Korea, you will often meet Non-Korean people. There are many clubs, bars, and restaurants with western concepts that offers you various international foods and beverages. There is Seoul Central Mosque and Islamic Street in Itaewon. If you are a Moslem who look for Halal foods in South Korea, you can visit this place.

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market is one of the biggest traditional markets in Seoul, South Korea. In this traditional market, you will find not only delicious foods but also accessories and clothes. The pleasing fact is, all of those foods, clothes, and accessories are affordable.


If you want to hang out in small cafes with your friends, Sinchon might be the right place for you. This area in Seoul is indeed near various famous universities. So, there are a lot of places for hanging out here. Every cafe in Sinchon has an attractive interior design. So that it is a perfect place for you who want to enjoy a cup of coffee and capture this moment to be posted in your social media.


This area is very famous and must be visited when you travel to South Korea. There are many restaurants, pubs, and bars that you can find in Gangnam. If you want to experience a fancy night life in South Korea, visit this one of attractive tourist spots in South Korea.

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