Travel Guide to Japan for Female Solo Traveler

Travel guide to Japan is obviously needed for those who travel there for the first time. It is also definitely needed by a woman who travels to Japan on her own. Actually, you do not have to be really worried about safety in Japan. Because Japan is one of the safest countries for a female solo traveler. However, there are still some things that should be concerned by females before you travel to this country. Here they are.

Travel Guide to Japan for Female Solo Traveler

Avoid Dangerous Areas

There are many dangerous areas in Japan that often becomes the favorite of harassers. Such as quiet roads and dark roads. When you walk to your hotel at night, choose a crowded road which is full of pedestrians. It will be better to make sure the location of the hotel first, whether it is safe enough for pedestrians or not before you book the hotel.

Avoid Rush Hours

Trains are also the favorite place of harassers. You are suggested to avoid rush hours when you want to take a train because the possibility to be harassed is higher. If you are in the middle of a full train, you will come into contact with a lot of people. Jostling is a condition that you must avoid. If something you do not want happens, report it to the police or officers. Do not be ashamed because you have the right to be protected.

Say No

When you are walking around in the city streets, be careful to the people who confess from an idol agency. Do not get tricked by those people who say they will make you a celebrity in Japan. Directly avoid that kind of people and walk to a crowd. Because instead of being an idol in Japan, you are possible to be a victim of harassment.

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Putting aside those things above, Japan is really safe for a female solo traveler. One thing you should remember, because you are in a foreign country, pay attention to your clothes and attitude during your holiday in Japan.

Tips to Travel in Japan

  1. There are 2 options of airports if your flight lands in Tokyo, which are Haneda Airport and Narita Airport. If it is possible for you to choose the airport or the ticket price is the same, it will be better if you choose to land at Haneda Airport. This airport is closer to Tokyo city center that only needs 28 minutes and 580 yen ticket. While if you land on Narita Airport, you will need 45 minutes and 2.400 yen ticket.
  2. Buy Japan Rail Pass before you off to Japan. It is the cheapest way to go around Japan by train. Especially if you want to visit other cities besides Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, or Kyoto. Japan Rail pass now can be taken in Haneda Airport or Narita Airport and can be directly used to take a train from the airport to your hotel.

If you want to safely and comfortably travel to Japan, follow those travel guide to Japan.

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