World’s Luxury Campsites for Glamping Experience

There are some people who are crazy about camping but for some other people, camping will not be included in their holiday travel list. People love camping because it can make them feel free from their daily life for a while because of the drastic change of life which can be found even just for a while. Other people think that they cannot be parted from the comfort which can be offered from their daily life so camping is not their thing. In fact, nowadays people can enjoy camping which is filled with facility. For this kind of experience, they can go to these luxury glamping sites all around the world.

World’s Luxury Campsites for Glamping Experience

Sal Salis in Australia

People want to enjoy paradise in the world but it will not complete if they have to work hard for doing anything. Sal Salis can offer people with the paradise of the world because people can enjoy the safari camp supported with various facilities. The camp is protected between dunes of Cape Range National Park in Australia. It can also offer people with beautiful Ningaloo coral reef view. This is a perfect getaway place for everyone because it is not only friendly to environment since it uses renewable energy but also because people cannot find any phone or internet signal. At this place, people can completely enjoy the crystal clear water, white sand, and of course the starry sky.

Eco Camp in Chile

Patagonia of Chile surely becomes a great place which people want to visit but many of them have very great worry that they cannot have proper life during the trip. There is no need to worry because they can choose to enjoy their glamping experience at Eco Camp which is located in the center of Torres del Paine National Park. At this place, people can spend the night in the uniquely designed dome and enjoy the view of the mountains with dramatic snow tips. Glaciers and fjords can also be accessed easily. It seems like they want to be here forever for exploring the beauty of the nature.

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Lanzarote Retreats in Spain

To find the complete retreat from the urban life, people need to go to a place which can be considered rural. However, it does not mean that they have to forget about luxury because they can still enjoy it when they are at Lanzarote Retreats in Spain. People will enjoy the stay in the eco cabins and yurts decorated with Balinese furniture. It is eco friendly because the electricity is powered by solar and wind power. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular volcanic landscape from this place. It is not far from Arrieta Beach which can be considered as hidden beach on the island.

Tena Tena Camp in Zambia

Last but not least, people can try glamping experience in Tena Tena Camp, Zambia. This lodge comes with treetop roof and is located at the gate of Great Valley Rift that is part of Lauangwa National Park.  This is the place where people can enjoy African wildlife with the best security and also comfortable bed.

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